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Are Newborn Photos Worth It?

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Newborn photos, do you love them or hate them? One thing about me is that I love professional photos. Don't get me wrong, your phone can take great photos but sometimes you just need a camera quality photo. So let's get right down to it, is it worth getting newborn photos taken?

Personally we loved being able to have someone pose, dress, and take the photos of him. Our photographer, Krista Zeren Photography, had many options of accessories to choose from for the photos. She had swaddles in every color. Not to mention cute little additions like stuffed animals and almost anything you can think of! We even were the first family to try out her swing photos however, Cal didn't want to cooperate and grab the rope.

In the photos above you can see that she positioned in little pajamas on a bed. He also was swaddled all tight holding a little green heart in a basket. Looking back on these photos already makes me sad since he's already so big now!

So is it worth getting newborn photos, absolutely. Getting memorable photos taken of your newborn is an amazing opportunity. Cameron and me decided to pay for a year long photoshoot bundle for Callahan. He'll be getting photos as a newborn, at three months, six months, nine months, and at a year he will be doing a cake smash!

We're lucky enough to be able to afford professional photography however, there are tons of things you can do to spice up taking your own newborn photos! There are many different cheap swaddles you can buy online, get a box, and put that phone to work. If you want to get even crazier you could buy a tripod and ring light.

I can't believe how big Callahan is now. These photos were taken over a month ago and he just keeps growing! I hope this helped you decide if it is worth getting newborn photos taken. Next week, I'll be going over a nursery tour. Until next time!



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