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Business Owner, Broker, Agent, and Mother - Katherine Kiernan

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to present our guest blogger, Katherine Kiernan! She is one of the main brains behind the operations of Aspire Realty. Her, Katherine Petry, and Ross Torgerson were all involved in helping Cameron and I find our perfect first home! Today she will be going over who she is, what got her started in the real estate business, and where she sees the growth of her brand!

Who is Katherine Kiernan?

Hello, my name is Katherine Kiernan! I am so excited to be a guest blogger with Paiton today! I run a household that thrives on chaos and constant movement! I am a very proud mom to four beautiful kiddos, two girls and two boys, as well as two wonderful stepdaughter‘s! In all of my free time. I also run one of the most successful real estate brokerages in the Fargo Moorhead area, Aspire Realty! As a family it is so very important to us to have an awesome foundation of quality time and togetherness while focusing on being great stewards to our community and striving to only continue to grow to be bigger, better versions of ourselves each and every day! Between the business and our home life our time is spread out very well, but we still find ample amounts of time to enjoy date nights, traveling, weekends out of town either at the lake or exploring new sites with the kids!

Our office is awesome! I know that I may be a bit biased, but I’m truly proud of what we have built and are able to deliver to our clients as a result! We have always specialized in residential real estate services and now have broadened our horizons with property management as well as commercial real estate opportunities! It is such a rewarding field to be a part of and I can’t imagine doing anything different!

How did you get started in the position you're in today?

Professionally my background is in finance. I worked in retail and business banking in the Twin Cities before relocating to Fargo in 2012. Upon moving here I obtained a position with a large local bank and got settled into the community! I was so grateful for my position at the bank because it allowed me to have a significant involvement in volunteerism in and around the area which allowed me the opportunity to meet so many phenomenal people here! I fell into real estate entirely by accident to be completely honest. We had moved around a bit and when we had relocated to West Fargo we were in a hurry to build a house due to being eight months pregnant with twins and wanting to be settled before they were born! Upon completion of that project we quickly realized that we had acted a bit too hastily and built a house that wasn’t a great long-term fit for our family’s needs.

With having to go back on the market, and having a bit of disappointment in the real estate services and experiences we had received to date, I decided to get my real estate license to save a bit of money. The joke kind of ended up being on me because I fell in love with it! It became a fast passion of mine and within six months I had to leave my position at the bank due to the amount of hours I was working in real estate. I went from working 40 hours per week at the bank and an additional 20-40 in real estate (all while having 3 kiddos under 3 at home), and the business wasn’t slowing down. My passion has always been people and helping them achieve long reaching financial foundation stability. There is no greater investment to guide a client through than real estate. Warren Buffet once said, “Always buy more dirt. They aren’t making any more of it” and that is so very true. Guiding clients through the process of selecting a wonderful place for them to call home that will also serve them as a long term investment avenue is truly my dream job. From this point I have also been able to branch off into multi-unit investment properties as well which has broadened the horizons of so many clients as well as myself.

Where do you want to take your brand?

We have done a really remarkable job of creating a brand that is recognized in households throughout our awesome community. Our dedication to delivering outstanding results through seamless and polished execution of our services has aided us in growing very quickly and continuing to reach more and more families each year. Our goal within the next two years is to become a 100% referral-based business and to continue to broaden our horizons into other facets of the business to better serve our clients and our community! My biggest dream professionally is to be able to serve households and companies throughout the Midwest with their real estate endeavors. To do this, we look to adding 2-5 satellite offices over the next 10 years and honing in on building a brand that goes from being recognized locally to one that is recognized nationally. Through that growth we wait with grateful anticipation of all of the other opportunities and possibilities it will present to us and we will welcome each of them with both an open mind and open arms!



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