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Cosmetologist, Creator, and Dog Lover - Jess Stewart

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

I'm delighted to introduce our next guest blogger, Jess Stewart. Not only has she done my hair over a handful of times, she was actually my neighbor growing up. Jess is a cosmetologist who used to be based in Woodbury, Minnesota but is now working in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. She will be going through a little bit about her, how she became a hair stylist, and where she is with her business!

Jess, her fiancé, and three loveable pups!

Hi I’m Jess! I’m almost twenty four years old and I just got engaged on Christmas Eve of 2021 to my best friend and love of my life. We just started to plan our nuptials for 2024 to elope in Montana, we want to get married in the mountains and have our three amazing dogs be our bridal party! We currently have two older dogs who are rescues and we just added the newest addition Teddy to our family this past memorial weekend! Scooby is a pitbull hound mix, Daisy is a border collie mix and our dog Teddy is a miniature schnauzer. They are the three musketeers! We have slowly been fixing up our house starting with painting every room in sight. Now, we are tearing apart the back yard to make it a little more zen. I feel when your house inside and outside are put together it helps you feel more relaxed mentally and physically, especially when you are taking to your clients all day!

I am a hairstylist. I have been doing hair since 2016 and I absolutely love it. It’s a super fun creative outlet! I got into it because I thought it sounded like the right fit for me. Constantly, I need to be on my feet moving around so an office job wasn't an option for me. My love for all sorts of art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and building also aided my decision. Creating colors and different forms of highlighting hair is included as an art form, that's for sure! Any sort of color correction is an absolute blast! I love what a challenge it can be and in the end it is so rewarding seeing your clients face light up knowing they feel more beautiful than ever! That’s part of the reason I love what I do, making people feel and look their best.

Currently, I am working at an amazing salon called the salon @ Mount Horeb. The salon just got remodeled, we're almost done and it looks stunning already. I had lots of fun helping them pick out all the little details! I am so happy with where I am, the growth potential I have here is awesome, and I have the most amazing coworkers and bosses. I can not wait to see what the future holds for the new salon, it has endless potential! You can find me on Instagram @hairbyjess17!



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I'm Paiton – a wife, mother, book lover, and coffee enthusiast based in northern Minnesota. When I'm not managing a busy household, I'm busy exploring new places and sharing our adventures. As a marketing director, I'm passionate about making a positive impact in my community.  It's not just a job for me – it's a passion.

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