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Four and Five Month Update

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

I never posted my four month update since it was on Christmas Eve, so I'm going to combine my four and five month update today! My little pumpkin has been growing like a weed. He is so smart, strong, and overall just adorable. Let's get into it!

Three to Four Months

From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve this little guy was learning fast. He started rolling over more frequently, he was starting to grab toys, and started drooling A LOT. His three month clothes started to become too tight and he was loving his jumper. During this time too we decided I would start staying home with Callahan and it has just been amazing. I love being able to spend time with my sweet little babe and enjoy all of the moments I possibly can while he's little.

He started to smile more and sometimes would slip out little giggles. Cal also has such strong legs and loves standing and jumping around on your lap. We also got him a Nuby Seat. If you have a young baby who is starting to sit up I absolutely recommend this seat! It helps so much when you're cooking, cleaning, or just need to set them down for a second so you can use the restroom. We also loved including him in on our meals by using it. Cameron and I both got to keep our hands clean and eat while little babe sat and watched us. Pretty fun!

Four to Five Months

He has been CRAZY since Christmas Eve. He has been babble talking so much he thinks he's having real conversations with us! He even mimicked Cameron and I saying I love you, you can watch that on my Instagram story labeled, 'little babe'. Callahan also got an exersaucer for Christmas and LOVES it. There are so many different toys that he can play with and he turns himself to all of them already. Speaking of toys he has started to put things in his mouth more and shake his rattles. He got these singing toys that link up for Christmas called Linkimals and loves them!

A lot of people ask if he already sleeps through the night and the answer is yes! He has been sleeping through the night since around two and a half months. When he naps in his crib it is like he's doing acrobatics. I lay him one way and all of the sudden he has turned 180° and is on his tummy. When Cal is on the floor he sits with his head held up high and tries to crawl however, he can only swivel his body around in a circle which is pretty cute to watch.

He is our perfect giggly boy. I can't wait to keep watching our little man grow. In our eyes he has been the best baby we could have ever asked for. Until next time!



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