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House Plans - What's Next?

Welcome to or welcome back to my blog!

Jax and Mable enjoying their new pool!

Over this past week we have accomplished a lot. I was lucky enough to have my grandma come up and get the wallpaper off the walls. We had wallpaper all throughout the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. She said it was a wallpaper removers dream however! It came off in big chunks and pieces. Cameron and I got a lot of stuff bought, got some gardening done, and Cam was able to do a few more hefty things inside. We also took LOTS of trips to Menards.

On Friday my dad, grandpa, step-dad, and brother came up. We got walls washed, trim peeled back, and grandma finished up some leftover wallpaper. All of us finished the night with a good pizza dinner. Saturday morning came and Cameron, my step-dad, and I went to Menards and he got us our first washer and dryer as a wedding/ first home gift. It arrives today and we're so excited! Cameron's dad came over to help and \after that we all got to work. I took off a few doors, (you'll find out why later), started taping, and washed more walls. I couldn't be in there when they started painting because there wouldn't be proper ventilation. It was 90+ degrees and they needed the AC blasting! Around 12:30 they were ready to start painting and so I left for my eyelash extension appointment. When I got back I kept trying to come inside and Cameron kept kicking me out. I did as much as I could outside, ran to the store for them, and surprised Cameron with a grill! I went and bought Subway for everyone and we all ended the night out enjoying our new patio.

Our front of the house taped window!

Sunday was a hot one. We have had the dogs out all week and weekend to keep them away from the work and painting but it was over 100+ degrees with barely any wind. Problem solving, in the early morning/afternoon they were outside with a fan in the shed but eventually we put them in the basement with a few boxes in front of the stairway. My mom paid for us to get movers for our two storage units and they were done within three hours. All of our stuff was put into our garage and we've been slowly putting stuff in the house. Everyone left by Sunday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day cleaning up around the house, went out to dinner with Camerons grandparents, and ended the night at of course Menards. At this point I hope we get a huge rebate with all of the receipts I've been saving!

Now here we are, I'm finishing up some work projects I avoided this weekend and Cameron is fixing my plot up so I'm able to garden later. It's still hot but we have a bunch of things to get done inside today. I'm also extremely excited because Cameron's dad has been watching our cat Toby for the past two months and he's bringing him today! In the next upcoming weeks we're getting our carpet replaced in both bedrooms, getting new trim, and eventually later in the Summer renovating our kitchen! We're finally going to have all of our little family in one place in our new home. I can't wait until our baby boy is here. Until next time!



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