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Marketer, Content Strategist, and Social Media Specialist - Hannah Sebring

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

Today I am so excited to present our guest blogger, Hannah Sebring. She is an amazing beautiful human who just recently adopted out her foster puppy, is expecting her first child this fall, and currently has fifteen thousand followers on Instagram and is continuing to grow her platform! She will be talking about who she is, what got her started in content and marketing, and where she is going to be taking her brand.

Hannah and her husband Taylor!

Who is Hannah Sebring?

Hey there! I’m Hannah. I am a full time content strategist at a marketing agency. My husband and I got married October 2021 and will be welcoming our baby boy October of 2022. With a full time job and full time life on the way, I am finding the perfect place to balance both as my career means the world to me, and I would die if I ever lost that piece of me. So wish me luck throughout this journey!

How did you get started into the

position you’re in today?

You could say it was and easy hire and steal job.. but that would be far from the truth. Before getting into business and marketing, i nannied for about 8 years. I saw the first mom I nannied for, work from home, as a marketing director at a company based in San Francisco. Since then I knew that was the lifestyle I wanted. She was “goals.” I started to work on my personal Instagram and socials by becoming a content creator, along with taking classes at our local college. I wanted to learn anything there was about advertising, social media and marketing… I was determined to get the life I wanted. After applying, and applying it was about 3 years later I was able to land my current position now. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Promoting Element Mom!

Where do you want to take

your brand?

With being a content creator and strategist I see myself working closer with a team that I manage. I’m hoping to grow and become the director some day to complete my circle of wants and desires. Possibly with a remote position especially when the babe comes, of course! You can reach me on my Instagram @hannahsebringg or check out my Youtube Hannah Sebring,

For now, I’m letting God choose my path, because let’s admit, he always is in charge.



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I'm Paiton – a wife, mother, book lover, and coffee enthusiast based in northern Minnesota. When I'm not managing a busy household, I'm busy exploring new places and sharing our adventures. As a marketing director, I'm passionate about making a positive impact in my community.  It's not just a job for me – it's a passion.

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