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Mother and Female Business Owner of XOmandysue - Lindsay Witt

I'm excited to introduce our first guest blog poster, Lindsay Witt, the founder of XOmandysue! Based out of Newport Beach, XOmandysue is an online clothing boutique inspired by top trends. Today Lindsey is going to talk a little about herself, her business, and future plans. When you check out her amazing website be sure to use my code paiton20 for twenty percent off your purchase!


Who is Lindsey Witt?

My name is Lindsay, and I am a 29 year old wife and mom who lives at the beach in Southern California. When I started XOmandysue in 2016, my husband and I were newlyweds.

I was also a new teacher at that time. After starting XOmandysue, I left my teaching career to focus solely on XOmandysue and became a mom to an amazing daughter. It has been a fun and fast 6 years since the beginning of our shop, and my husband and I are so grateful for the journey we’ve been on so far in our business.

What Was It Like Starting

A Business?

Starting a business is full of challenges and successes! Challenges of starting XOmandysue included navigating social media growth, tackling inventory space and management, and balancing the business aspect of my life with my personal life. Some of the easier parts of starting our business included sourcing inventory, developing lasting relationships with my customers, and creating photoshoots and content that we are proud of.

Where Are You Today With Your Brand, Where Do You Want To Go With It Next?

We love where we are at today! I feel like I am in a sweet spot with business growth and balancing motherhood. In the future, I would love to see even more growth of our business so that we could expand our team and tackle new goals. One exciting goal we have recently achieved is designing our first exclusive styles. Those will be launching soon, and we can’t wait to show our customers! We would love for you to check out our social media and site! Our website is, and our Instagram and TikTok handles are @xomandysue. My personal Instagram is @linds_tagram. Stay tuned for our next New Arrivals Drop on 3/21!



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I'm Paiton – a wife, mother, book lover, and coffee enthusiast based in northern Minnesota. When I'm not managing a busy household, I'm busy exploring new places and sharing our adventures. As a marketing director, I'm passionate about making a positive impact in my community.  It's not just a job for me – it's a passion.

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