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My Birth Story

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

Six contractions, ten pushes, and boom we have a baby! I am so excited to share my birth story with you today. Having my little boy was one of the best days of my life. It may have been a long and rough pregnancy but at least he made up for it with an easy birth!

The family spending time together on a football Sunday!

On August 22nd, I went in for my appointment, the last few weeks of your pregnancy you're scheduled to go in once a week to make sure everything is going alright. I had a stress test, due to my preeclampsia the next day, and a regular checkup that morning. Everything seemed fine but over the weekend I couldn't keep anything down, later on we would discover I had gallbladder stones but that story is for another day. They recommended I go to the hospital so I can get some bloodwork done to make sure everything is alright and do a stress test there so I don't need to come back the next day. Well after they ran my bloodwork, urine, and checked my heart rate, they came in and told me they wanted to induce me that day. I felt so flustered. I couldn't go home and get any of my things and it was my hair washing day and I didn't even get the chance to wash my hair or shower! I was not planning on having the baby that day.

They got us set up in a room. I wasn't aloud to eat anything beside clear liquids. The only thing I had in my system from the past two days was a granola bar I ate that morning however, the nurse gave me one piece of toast before she got me hooked up on the meds and we started the induction. A nurse would come in every hour on the hour to check my vitals, right away I had two IV's in my arms. One was for magnesium, the other was for anything else they had to give me throughout my time there. I had to have magnesium because of my high blood pressure as a precaution for seizures.

His little curl patterns when he was born!

I took the first tablet orally to start the induction process. Four hours later I took another one. After that I still wasn't where I needed to be for starting Pitocin, which is basically a synthetic version of the process that kickstarts your labor. They then put in a pill in my cervix that lasted eight hours overnight. I still hadn't dilated. After two more times of taking a pill every four hours they still said I wasn't dilated enough and we may need to try different options before going straight to Pitocin.

Luckily it was around one in the morning and the doctor was able to come in right away to check how far along I was and go over my options, I'm glad they did because they told me I was far enough along to start Pitocin. As I slept the Pitocin amount kept increasing. Around seven in the morning they decided to break my water. After that I had steady but not to harsh contractions. The nurses freaked me out a bit because they kept asking what my pain scale was and I kept saying it was a five. They mainly just felt like bad period cramps. One of the nurses said, "Are you sure? The monitor is showing them to be really high and hard contractions." I kept reassuring them I was fine. Later on I had a few contractions that were in the seven category but nothing crazy. Again, the nurses freaked me out and kept asking if I was sure I was alright. So, I decided to get the epidural before it got too rough.

Our first picture right after he came out!

His first time in the basinet ready to head to the postpartum room!

The epidural went smooth and soon I found myself sitting up in bed and able to move my legs, I was just not able to get out of bed. Eventually I really felt like I needed to poop. Now this may be a little TMI but I hadn't pooped in four days at this point. So I told the nurse I was afraid I needed to poop and she said don't worry that's just the baby. She checked to see how dilated I was and said, "Oh my you're a ten, looks like we're having a baby!" They laid down my bed. On my right side was Cameron holding my leg, on the left side was a nurse holding my leg, and I held underneath. The nurse who was standing in front of me had me push a few times, little to her surprise he was coming a lot faster than expected. She made me wait for the doctor as his head was already almost out. Finally after two minutes the doctor and a team of people came rushing in, washing their hands, and throwing on gloves. The doctor gave me the go to push and he was out!

Getting all snuggled in a swaddle!

My happy and smiley boy!

I swear they flopped him on my chest like a fish but Cameron swears they didn't. About ten seconds after they put him on my chest they had to take him to the warmer to clear out liquid and make sure he was alright. Due to the fact I was on magnesium for so long he came out a little sleepy, so his cry as he came out was a little quiet. He was born on August, 24th 2022, exactly on my 37 week mark. Cameron was able to be there as they weighed and measured him. He then held him for the first time and brought him over to me to place on my chest. We all laid around together for a while.

Cameron did skin to skin with him while the nurses helped me use the restroom, get dressed, and get into the wheelchair to be brought to our postpartum room. As we went down the hall a nursey song started to play showing that a baby was born. We spent the next three days at the hospital learning all about breastfeeding, infant care, taking jacuzzi baths, having visitors, and spending time together. Overall we had such an amazing experience at the hospital we went to. When it was time to go home we packed up our room, put him in the car seat, and Cameron pulled around the car in the front for us. We finally after nine months were able to bring our little bundle of babe home.

I hope you were able to enjoy my birth story. Having Callahan was one of the most precious and amazing day in my life. Next week I'll go over what you need to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag. Until next time!



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