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Trying to capture a cute picture on the back porch with the dogs!

Here we are. Both twenty one, just started great new jobs, newlyweds, expecting a baby boy this September, and now we've bought our first house. We are so incredibly blessed to be in the situation we are today and can't thank our family and friends enough for their support. I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else, let's start from the beginning.

The Process

Cameron and I started looking for realtors in January of this year. We knew we weren't planning on moving until April but we wanted to stay on top. We ended up finding the owner and team leader of Aspire Realty, Katherine Kiernan. We kept in contact with her for a few months until we were settled and ready to start viewing houses. When we got to the Fargo, ND area we started touring a bunch of houses. Also around this time Katherine Kiernan had a beautiful baby girl and gave us the opportunity to work with Ross Torgerson and Katherine Petry! They were right by our side the entire home buying process and gave us a bunch of different house tours. I swear they would answer any of my messages from six in the morning until midnight that night. We also worked closely with Brooke Ames who was our amazing loan agent from Caliber Loans. She dealt with me asking a million questions every single day of the week 24/7!

After looking at what felt like looking at fifty homes, putting in at least ten offers, and always being outbid. Every time we made an offer we would always get a call at the end of the day saying they went with someone else. One night after waiting on a house that took four days to make their decision we got a call from Katherine Petry and I put it on speaker. "So.. You got the house!" We were stunned. I'm pretty sure we responded with something like, "Really?" we were in a bit of shock. We called all of our close family and told them the great news, we finally found somewhere to call home.

The next two months were pretty uneventful. We planned our inspection, final walkthrough, and signing date. Being able to attend the inspection and see the house more was super fun. We were able to take measurements and see where we would be placing things. We did need to change our signing date once due to our loan. Cam and I did our final walk through the night before signing and it started to make everything feel more real.

Cute little gift basket!

We went to go sign our papers for our first home, I had been waiting almost two months for this moment. We went inside and both were greeted by our amazing team of realtors and our awesome loan agent. We went into a cute little conference room to sign. Within twenty minutes just like that, we had a house. Aspire Realty gave us a nice key ring with a cute little home on it and a nice little gift basket that included a card, cutting board, home owners manual, candle, faux plant, dish towel, and my personal favorite a return address stamp. When I was opening the basket I started freaking out and Cameron was so confused. I squealed, “YOU’VE NEVER HANDWRITTEN SEVENTY CHRISTMAS CARDS!” Brooke also gave us a super nice gift, she gave us a candle and a cute little sign that I know exactly where I’m going to put.

The First Steps

We were going to head to the house right away but we knew we needed to pick up the dogs first. As excited as we were, knowing Jax would freak out about being able to run freely around the yard we needed to get them. We got to our new house after picking up the pups, we got out and left them in the car so cameron could carry me over the threshold. After, we ran to get Mable and Jax. We had them look around but once we let them in the backyard they knew they were home. Jax started running laps and had the goofiest smile.

Us out front of our new home!

We went out to dinner with my grandma who came to help us with the new home. We were then able to make a quick run to Menards for a few items we needed in the next few days. We have big plans this week! Today, I'm going to work on some gardening while my grandmother attempts to take off the ugly wallpaper. This weekend we're painting and doing a few little renovations. Sunday and Monday will be for moving our stuff out of the U-Haul facility. Our carpet will be replaced and in our closet we will be putting in a personalized closet organization system made for us personally from Design Pro Flooring.

This Summer we have a lot of ideas for our home, will they get done? Stay tuned. I can't wait until we're all settled in and can make it our own. This is a super exciting time for us and we're going to have the craziest and busy Summer. Until next time!



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