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Pregnancy at Thirty Weeks - Bumpdate

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

I'm now officially thirty weeks along! As you know if you read my blog, All About My Pregnancy - Bumpdate, I had a rough start to my pregnancy. I was constantly sick and could barely eat. Now at thirty weeks I'm able to actually have meals, have little to no gagging, and I've been consistently moving around with ease. We found out the gender early and were able to reveal it on our wedding day to our family and friends. Not only were we able to get regular ultrasound photos, we were able to get 3D ultrasound photos as well!

In the past ten weeks we've been really busy and so has he! Everyday throughout the day he is moving like crazy. He's a super active baby. It's fun to be able to watch him move throughout my stomach. He'll kick up, then to the right, and up again. There's no stopping him, it just isn't fun when he kicks my bladder!

His little foot!

After my twenty week appointment I was a little nervous because they had saw something out of the ordinary in the heart ultrasound. They were unable to get all of the photos they needed of the heart because he didn't want to cooperate and move. They mentioned an echogenic focus in the left ventricle of the heart which is likely an incidental finding. An echogenic focus in the heart is not an actual heart defect, the heart functions and is normal. It is a bright spot in the heart that can be seen on ultrasound. Most often this is seen in the left ventricle of the heart and is not a heart defect, it does not cause heart disease. It is as small calcium deposit and is a normal finding. This is a common finding on ultrasound. It is seen in approximately 20% of all second of third trimester ultrasound. I ended up doing another ultrasound so they could check for more echogenic focus. If there was more it would mean that he has more of a chance of having down syndrome or a chromosome change. After the second ultrasound I left feeling much better since they didn't find anymore spots and we got some additional cute ultrasound pictures. My ankles and feet have also been extremely swollen on and off, the doctor isn't worried about it because all of my tests have come back fine so far. I do have another appointment Wednesday so we'll see! I've just continued to wear my compression socks, lower my salt intake, and drink lots and lots of water.

The side of his head, his little ear, and his hand is snuggled near his face!

Since we got our house we've had our mattress on the floor because out carpet is getting redone in the bedrooms. Our bed frame is a little tricky and time consuming to set up and take down. So every morning, the more pregnant I get, I roll out of bed onto all fours. If Cameron is awake before I am he helps me up! I also haven't been bending fast to pick anything up because almost every time I do I can feel him move around or push really hard. I'm a little paranoid as well because when my mom was pregnant with me she bent down to pick something up between doctors visits, felt a clunk, went back to the doctor and all of the sudden instead of being head first like I was, I was feet first. That then lead to an early c-section which is something I would really like to avoid, sorry mom!

Some bump photos!

Overall I've really enjoyed him kicking and moving around. We have his name picked out and a large majority of our family and friends know, so it's not entirely a secret. Ever since we named him we've felt a closer connection to him. We just had two baby showers over the weekend and we have a number of items we can't wait to find a home for in the nursery. We're starting to get the nursery put together this week after the carpet goes in so I'm excited to get things settled and organized! I've already started nesting in other parts of our home as I can. Only sixty four days until my due date, until next time!



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