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Reset Routine - Getting Back On Track

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

After the holidays getting back on track to your usual routine can tend to be difficult. There are always lots of New Year resolutions that hold a lot of weight whether that includes eating healthier foods again instead of all the yummy Christmas treats, issues with staying on top of cleaning, or even just not following your skincare routine as usual. I know that January is supposed to be the month of resolutions and trying to stay consistent but it can be hard. Today I'm going to give you twenty things you can do to help reset your week and become more productive in order to get back on track.

1. Plan Your Week

Every week I take time and plan out what lies ahead. We have a calendar on the fridge for shared events, when I work, and for appointments. Google calendar is one of my best friends. I use a stand alone planner and an online planner. In my stand alone I make sure to take a lot of notes and keep an understanding of my tasks and meals for those days. On my online calendar I keep track of my social media, blogs, appointments, and work schedule.

2. Meal Plan and Meal Prep

I can not say this loud enough, MEAL PREPPING WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND! One, you'll save more money. Two, it's less time taken away to cook during the week when you get busy and things pop up and get in the way. I meal plan a month in advance. I do all of my grocery shopping and I'm set for the month. I may stop at the store for a few smaller items or if we run out of something but it is SO much easier and such a time saver.

3. Set Specific Days for Specific Cleaning Tasks

Now I'm not talking about setting a Tuesday and only Tuesday to do your dishes, I'm talking about more tedious tasks that you may not do everyday. Examples being dusting, washing your tub, or even sweeping. A few examples I have is in my house I need to sweep at least every other day with ALL of the animal hair we have, I try and vacuum and dust once a week, and Wednesdays are for fully cleaning the bathroom. Make it custom to your family and schedule.

4. Make a New Playlist That Helps You Feel Happy and Confident

Always, always, always do I have music on if nothing else is going on. Whether it's me jamming to Veggie Tales with my son or having a hot girl summer moment, there is always something playing in the background. My playlist contains music that puts me in a better mood and gets my endorphins pumping.

5. Instead of Watching TV Listen to a Podcast

Now I'm not saying NEVER watch TV. I definitely enjoy a good episode of Law in Order, but putting on a podcast in replace of watching a show can help you multitask. Usually I'll put on one of my favorite podcasts, The Skinny Confidential, then I'll start a deep clean. Whether it's organizing, scrubbing the bathroom, or even just folding laundry.

6. Open Your Curtains First Thing in the Morning

Personally I need to get way better at this. However, in my defense my husband used to work nights and I woke up WAY before he did. I love going into the living room and watching the sunrise through my big picture window. Having natural light shine in not only puts me in a better mood but motivates me.

7. Try Not to be on Your Phone for the First Hour of the Day

I have yet to absolutely nail this. The first thing I do in the morning is shut off my alarm on my phone and then check my notifications. I really want to get better at staying off my phone first thing in the morning and just enjoying the day.

8. Get a Stand Alone Alarm

Going hand in hand with what I said in number seven, getting a stand alone alarm will help you get off your phone in the morning. It also helps me personally because it makes me get out of bed on the first ring and I'm less likely to hit snooze and go back to sleep. Side note, it's always a bonus if you get a coffee pot with a built in timer so you have fresh brewed coffee when you wake up.

9. Load the Dishwasher Before Bed and Unload it in the Morning

Something that was difficult for me is right after I finished cooking something I went straight to eating it instead of cleaning up my mess. Then I would forget about it until the next day. Scraping pots and pans is no fun. It is so much easier to make sure you start the dishwasher before you go to bed and unload it in the morning. Empty sink, cleared counters, happy home!

10. Drink 48oz of Water a Day

Some people HATE just drinking water. If that sounds like you, you need to try Liquid IV. It's a flavor packet that utilizes vitamins and minerals to double your water intake! There are so many flavors to chose from and I haven't had a bad one yet.

11. Read a Chapter When You Wake Up and Before You go to Sleep

I love reading but sometimes it's hard to fit it into my busy schedule between juggling the home, baby, and personal life. Reading just a chapter, or more, when you wake up and go to sleep is just the right amount you need to be able to fit it into your day!

12. Light a Candle You Love

Getting your head in a good mindset could be as simple as changing the smell around you. One of my personal favorites is the Stress Relief candle from Bath and Body Works.

13. Wash Your Bedding Once a Week and Make Your Bed Everyday

Making your bed every morning helps keep your room looking tidy and organized. I also LOVE getting into a made bed every night. It's really important to make sure you're washing your bedding because having dirty sheets, pillowcases, and blankets can contribute to not only acne but asthma and allergies as well.

14. Put on Your Favorite Perfume or Lotion

DON'T save favorites. Whether it's your favorite perfume, lotion, lipgloss, etc.. Life is too short to wait for a special occasion to wear that perfume. If you don't it'll end up sitting on your shelf for years.

15. Set Time Aside for Personal Hygiene

You might be thinking, "Well duh Paiton." But it isn't4\ always that easy. Most of the time we feel rushed. Rushed to take a shower or a bath, rushed to wash our face, rushed to even brush our teeth. Make sure to slow down and take time on your personal hygiene. Take that forty five minute bath or take fifteen minutes to do your skincare routine. Make sure to make time for you.

16. Schedule in Time For Exercise

Even if it's just thirty minutes of walking around a mall at least you're getting out and active. There are many places that offer thirty minute classes whether you'd do boxing, platies, or even yoga. Just try and stay active!

17. Find a Hobby or Class in the Community

Check out your local community center or even hospital for classes. I recently signed up for a baby ASL class and a baby and me barre workout class! It's a great way to make friends while including your interests or hobbies.

18. Take Time Before Bed to Keep a Tidy and Organized Space

Pick up any trash you may accumulate from the day, put your pillows back on the couch how you like them, and put away your hygiene essentials that you left on the counter. Doing these small things will end up making a BIG difference. I know I'm really guilty of leaving my packages or the wrap that comes inside them laying around. I need to do better!

19. Prepare Your Outfit the Night Before

This may seem silly but it really helps me when I can wake up five to ten minutes later than I normally would just because my clothes are already laid out for me. It also helps when my husband sleeps a little longer than I do and I don't have to comb through our closet and wake him up!

20. Set a Bedtime and Really Try to Stick to it

Last but not least, really try to stick to a bedtime. There are obviously things that will pop up where you may not be able to follow it. However, if you're getting the same amount of sleep every night you will feel ten times better.

Hopefully this list helps you reset your routine and get back on track with being productive this year. Remember to reset and refocus as many times as you need to, find a flexible routine for you. Until next time!



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