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Three Month Update

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! It is so hard to believe my tiny little babe is already three months. He has been non-stop growing and developing into the most wonderful human. He has changed and grew so much in the last month, I'm so excited to share with you what he has been up to and what has been happening!

Cal and me as a dragon and princess!

My little pumpkin boy!

Starting off his two month experience, we visited family in the Twin Cities and spent Halloween there. He was the happiest little dragon! This month has been great for his growth, he is about 15 lbs. and 23 inches long now. I can't believe how big he has gotten.

This month he has learned how to roll over onto his belly and roll back over onto his back. It is so much fun to watch him grow and learn new things. When you put him on the tummy time mat he scooches himself forward and is slowly learning to crawl at such a young age! I also love reading with him, he loves looking at the shapes and colors. Cals absolute favorite is by Bill Martin Jr., Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Callahan has also started smiling when you play with him. When we change his diaper he is always the happiest camper and will give you big gummy smiles. A lot of the time he is cooing and gives out this half coo half giggle. He is so close to laughing we can't wait.

We recently also got our Christmas card photos taken and he looked absolutely adorable. Callahan is so strong it is crazy, we will hold him up at the waist and he stands all by himself! He enjoys standing and has great head control so a week before he turned three months we broke out the jumper. At first he wasn't so sure about it but after the first few jumps he has been jumping away. Cal has also started to reach for the animals as they walk by. When he was in his jumper the cat was walking by and he grabbed his tail. When he was sitting up on the couch with us Jax laid his head by him and he reached for Jax. I think he is going to love the animals as he gets older!

Now Callahan is three months and sadly is only going to get bigger. I hope you enjoyed reading about his two month update. I will be making monthly updates, so stay tuned.

Until next time!



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