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Top Ten Things You Need For Your Newborn

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

As some of you know I recently just had a baby boy this past August! With being a new young mom I wasn't sure of everything I needed. After a few months with this crazy guy I want to share with you ten things you need for your newborn, let's get started!


1. Bedside Bassinet

We absolutely love our bedside bassinet. It makes changing diapers and feedings in the middle of the night a breeze. The brand we currently have is called an AMKE 3 in 1 baby bassinet. It has wheels making it portable, a little shelf for diapers and other necessity items, and it comes with a bag so it's portable!

2. A Good Swaddle

We LOVE and swear by Halo Swaddles. We got a few as gifts during our baby shower and one from the hospital! They worked wonders for little Cal and the zipper coming up from the bottom makes it easy to change diapers.

3. Sleepers That Have Bottom Zippers

Speaking of a bottom zipper on the swaddle, bottom zippers are the supperior zippers! It's so much easier not getting him completely bare and cold, it also helps with not waking him up when changing his diaper.

4. Portable Breast Pump (If You're Breast Feeding of Course)

Having a portable breast pump made pumping so much easier for me. I can walk around and do dishes, work on my blogs, and play with my son!

5. Bottles With Different Nipples

Before Cal was born we got a few different bottle types to try out. There are some we've found drip faster than he can eat, some are harder to suck from and some would just be better for an older baby. Test the waters and find the perfect bottle for your babe!

6. NEVER Enough Burp Cloths

We find ourselves constantly washing and scrambling for burp cloths. If there is one piece of advice I can give it is that you can NEVER have enough burp cloths!

7. Baby Basics Kit (More Importantly The NoseFrida)

Everything in this kit is useful and important however I find myself reaching for The NoseFrida the most. It is WAY better than those little basters you stick in kiddos noses to try and get the snot out.

8. Portable Bouncer

This portable little bouncer was only $20 and we use it all the time! It is helpful when you're showering, trying to get work done around the house, or if you're working on something you can easily bounce it with your foot!

9. Swing

I'm in love with this swing. The carrier part is removable and you can move it around the house. It comes with a vibrator, can swing side to side or back and forth, has six different levels of power, can run on battery's or be plugged in, and has sweet little tunes to lull your babe to sleep. If you can splurge for one thing let it be this swing!

10. Car Seat to Stroller Combo

This car seat to stroller combo is the best! When Cal is asleep there is no need to take him out of his carrier we're able to just click him into the stroller. Also when he gets bigger we're still able to use the stroller portion! We also love all of the storage underneath and cupholders on the stroller itself.


I hope this list of my top ten items you need for your newborn was helpful! Stay tuned for next weeks mom blog, until next time!

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