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Two Month Update

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

We made it! Callahan Dawson is officially two months. My sweet snuggly little chunk is already growing so fast. So many things have happened in the past month and I'm so excited to share them with you.

Cals fall photos!

My little pumpkin butt!

We spent the first few days of his second month in the Twin Cities. After we had gotten home about five days after Cal started getting stuffed up. He then developed a cough and soon after I was sick. Both of us were stuck in bed for days, luckily we had good snuggles and Cameron to take care of us! I cried the first night he was sick. Poor baby was so stuffed up and had a terrible hacking cough.

While he was sick I laid him down for a nap. When I heard him waking up I went into the room to greet him and when I said, "Good morning Callahan! How is my baby?" As soon as I spoke he shot open his eyes and had the biggest smile on his face. It was his first official, non reflex, smile!

The following week one morning we woke up and were passing the mirror in the hallway. I stopped in front of the mirror and asked him, "Do you know who that is?" He got a huge smile on his face, he recognized himself in front of the mirror! We sat there for nearly twenty minutes playing in front of the mirror.

Cal has also really been enjoying tummy time and his tummy time mat. He has has a bunch of hanging toys he likes to look at including a little mirror. His hands are always grabbing the bars and spinning toys on the side. Little babe has also started to stare and reach for the hanging bears on the mobile above the swing!

Now Callahan is two months and only going to get bigger. I hope you enjoyed reading his two month update. I'll be making monthly updates, so stay tuned. Until next time!



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