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Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

Can't wait to get the window sills painted!

It's official, we've been in our house a month as of tomorrow and we have loved every moment of it.

Immediately we had our family over to help us paint, it was 95+ degrees and unfortunately without proper ventilation I couldn't be in the house during that time. They all did such an amazing job and I'm so thankful for all of them. Cameron and I tore out most of our floor trimming in the upstairs area, my grandma got all of the wallpaper off the walls, and I've started to paint the window wills and door frames. My current project is painting the doors. We are in the middle of getting our trimming replaced with a beautiful white one and we are hopefully getting the carpet installed in the bedrooms next week! With our due date fast approaching and there may be a chance of me needing to be induced, we want to get situated as soon as possible.

Let's start with our bedroom, currently we finally got our bedframe up and our furniture in there. We're currently organizing all of our items and debating how to organize our closet. I want to get a mirror to put over our dresser, we decided when we moved we no longer wanted a television in our bedroom. We feel like it separates us more and even if we're doing different things we should be in the main rooms.

Personally, I absolutely can not wait to get started on the nursery. We just had two baby showers last weekend and we have a bunch of baby items that need a home. Our crib was also recently delivered which is super exciting! Our plan for the nursery is to have sage green bead board put along the main wall you see when you enter the room and we're replacing the light fixture. It's currently a light gray color and will have gray speckled carpet. Stay tuned for a blog at the end of August about our nursery!

Our bathroom is going to get a few coats of white and we haven't decided if we want to paint the cupboards yet. I'll be putting up some stick on tile behind the toilet once it gets cut. I've been slowly putting things away and organizing the linen closet. It's a little messy with no place for our clothes at the moment.

Now that we're getting our trimming put in and the window and door frame is getting painted, we're looking for a couch! Cameron and I are excited to buy our first couch that isn't a hand me down or off Facebook Marketplace. We're looking at sectionals. Our living room is a decent size but has a good amount of entry points so we will need to play around with the setup. We have all of our living room furniture currently in our garage so I can't wait to get it back inside.

Our kitchen is as done as it's going to be right now. We're going to be staining the cupboards, putting in backsplash, and getting new kitchen countertops hopefully end of September. We have almost everything put away minus a few miscellaneous things here and there. We need to finish some painting in our dining area before putting in our table. We're hoping it'll fit how we want it to however, if it doesn't fit we'll need to get a new table. The basement we're not even going to focus on right now, that'll be renovated next Spring!

Everything is all finished outside for this year. Cameron next year wants to work on renovating our 'she shed' into a wonderful hangout area. I'm obsessed with my reading corner on the porch and my vegetables are flourishing in the garden. A few of my perennials however, not as much. We have devil dirt!

There are so many fun and exciting things coming up these next two months. Between getting everything ready for the babe, home renovations, and actually having him! I can't wait to continue sharing what we're up to the next few months. Until next time!



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