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Long Time No See!

How has everyone been doing? It has been a little over a month since I posted a blog. I have been nonstop GO, GO, GO, since the middle of March! Unfortunately it got a little too hectic and I was unable to keep up with the blogs. During my time away I've accomplished a few things I'm going to be sharing today.

Captured by @carlyharnedphotography on Instagram!

First, I got married! Cameron and I got married April Second of this year. We got married at the Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. It was an extremely small wedding where we only had about 15 people. I have a humongous family so it was a little hard to pick and choose who came. We wanted to keep it small because it was going to be a short ceremony. The weather was full of rain except for the day of our wedding! We feel like our wedding day was sunny and perfect just for us! There were a lot of happy tears, hugs, and love around us. In the state of Colorado your dog can be the witness, so when we signed our license Jax put down his pawprint! To be honest it was a little difficult to line up. After the ceremony we went out to dinner at Mackenzie's Chop House after and had an amazing meal.

Captured by @carlyharnedphotography on Instagram!

While at the restaurant we revealed the sex of our baby! When everybody sat down at the table I passed out little white wedding cupcakes from Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe, Colorado Springs. They had decorative pearls on top and on the inside of the cupcake was the color of the sex! Everyone went around the table and guessed the sex, if they knew already they kept quiet. It was really a special time to share between family and friends.

Captured by @Cottenpatchphotography on Instagram!

After our wedding Cameron, family, friends, and I packed up our apartment. Cameron's dad was a great help by getting our big furniture items, boxes, and bags loaded into the U-Haul. We spent about three days between packing and cleaning. My grandparents helped with the kitchen and cleaning tasks around the apartment. I felt kind of like a bum because I couldn't lift heavy things and I couldn't use harsh cleaning chemicals. Eventually we got everything loaded up into the trailer, the truck, and my car. It took us two days to drive back to North Dakota. Between the crazy weather changes, Cameron ended up sliding off the freeway into a ditch. Luckily he only got a minor fender dent and was able to get himself and the trailer out of the ditch. Thank goodness for trailer insurance! We got back the Thursday after our wedding safe and sound. Cameron and his dad unloaded the trailer into our storage unit. We're keeping our things there until we get

a house.

SPEAKING of houses, can we talk about how insane the market is! Since being back we have put seven offers on houses. Five currently went with other offers. It's a mix between the crazy amount of offers, our price budget, and the type of loan we're using. Fingers crossed that one of the other two offers accepts! Since being back it has also snowed three times. We didn't sign up for the snow in April when we agreed to come back to North Dakota! We're currently staying with Cameron's sister and brother-in-law, along with their two dogs.

Where We're Going From Here

All in all, it has been chaos since the middle of March. Now everything is starting to calm down and our biggest worry is finding a house in this crazy market. We're both going to start working soon and have been enjoying the company of family. The dogs have been enjoying their non-stop play time with our family's dogs as well. Cameron soon leaves for Army training for nearly a month and a half. This weekend I will be attending the Bloom Event for new and expecting moms. On Sunday I will be posting my thoughts on the event, so be on the lookout!



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