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What We've Been Doing The Past Three Weeks

The past three weeks have been a little hectic between Cameron starting his job, looking for houses, and his training coming up. Cameron has to leave for a month and a half to do training for the Army. Because of this we're trying as fast as we can to find a house! When we go to look at houses he is really great checking out the house itself and the appliances while I'm good at checking the local neighborhood and seeing how we would set up each room with our growing family. Without him I would really be at a loss.

Our engagement photos shot by @cottenpatchphotography on Instagram!

Some of you may not know how crazy the housing market has been lately. Cameron and I put eight offers in on eight different houses in a two week span. Almost all of the houses we put an offer on had at least 6-12 other offers. We even went thirty thousand over asking price for one of the houses and they still went with a different offer! Now this could have been because someone else was paying all cash, had a better offer, or a better loan. We're using a Veterans Affair Loan which can be a turn off to some sellers because their relator may not be familiar with it and our appraisal tends to be a bit more thorough.

The last photo of us in our Colorado apartment!

Now for the exciting news, we finally got a house! We're currently in the middle of making sure everything is great before we sign the papers. Last Tuesday we got an inspection done and overall with a few minor things it came out great. Now we just sit and wait for the appraisal. After that our final walkthrough will be the beginning of June and the following day after we will be able to sign for the house! I'm becoming Cameron's power of attorney while he is gone so I will be able to sign for him because he doesn't come back until the end of June.

About The House

The house we found is just a little outside Fargo. It's a two bedroom, two bath, heated three car garage, with an amazing fenced in backyard. We're so excited for our dogs to finally have a fenced in yard and plan to foster animals in the near future. The basement has enough room to build a wall and make a third bedroom which we'll be making into a den with sliding barn doors. We have so many great ideas on what we want to do to the house including painting the trim and walls, staining the kitchen and bathroom cupboards, adding new carpet in the bedrooms, and more! I'm so excited for when I can share pictures and show everyone our progress on renovating the house.

What's Next?

We are absolutely thrilled with how our house search has gone and if you're looking for a home in Fargo or around the area we would love to recommend Katherine Kiernan and the Aspire Reality Team! Cameron and I have closely worked with Katherine Petry and Ross Torgerson they have been nothing short of amazing. The next upcoming months will be pretty crazy with Cameron being gone, making sure everything goes smoothly with the house, starting renovations on the house, keeping up with all of my appointments, and I'm starting a job working from home towards the end of May. These past few months may have been constantly go, go, go! However, we have loved every minute of it. Until next time!



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