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All About My Pregnancy - Bumpdate

Welcome To My Bumpdate!

Bumpdate, an update but about my bump! Today I'm going to walk through how my pregnancy has been so far. I'm twenty weeks, officially half way through pregnancy! Let me tell you my first trimester was not easy.

Tiny little bean, eight weeks!

During my first trimester right before I found out I was pregnant, I got sick right after New Years. I found out I had COVID. I have a fairly poor immune system and I was down bad. I didn't really get out of bed for a whole week, luckily Cameron was right by my side and was extremely helpful. Once I started feeling better we were out driving and I started crying because I had to drive up a hill. Mind you, we were living in Colorado Springs, CO at the time and ten minutes away from the mountains. Of course there are going to be hills! I had been feeling weird and can't really explain it. That night I was telling my friend Macey, who just had a baby last October, about how weird I was feeling. She then told me that's exactly how she felt when she was first pregnant.

Lo and behold I was pregnant. We were pretty shocked at first and that's when we made the decision that we should move closer to home to be around all of our family and friends, we started planning our wedding sooner rather than later, and reached out to a relator in the Fargo, ND area! The following weeks were not pretty for me.

My first trimester was awful. I was so extremely sick. I was throwing up, up to three times a day and ended up losing a little over ten pounds. I would only eat my cravings, couldn't cook meat myself, couldn't workout, couldn't get out of bed, it was terrible. During that time I did fly to Minnesota for two different speech tournaments for my students. The flights were fine however the first flight there I threw up four times on the two hour plane ride. Luckily I had amazing flight attendants and the entire row I was sitting in was empty. Each time I was in Minnesota I felt so much better. Cameron and I wonder if the elevation difference in Colorado to Minnesota had something to do with it.

That terrible time thankfully ended around mid March, right in time for our wedding and move! I'm so happy I was starting to eat and move around again. March 25th we found out the gender, it's a boy! We got married, moved, and hit the ground running to find a home as soon as we got here. Within the first three weeks of being in the North Dakota area, we found a home! Also since moving here we've been able to balance our schedules much better and I was able to already attend a workout class at Cyclebar, blog coming out about my thoughts on Cyclebar within the next few weeks!

Towards the end of March my I noticed my milk is already coming in. My belly is starting to develop a more round shape and I realize I need to get some maternity leggings soon, luckily I have a lot of dresses to wear! He has already started moving, I can feel him shifting mainly after I eat and I'm relaxing. He has only fully kicked me twice. Guess what, first time he kicked me it was directly in the bladder. He is already a pain in the butt.

He decided to throw up a peace sign for us!

He loves touching his face!

The last few weeks he has been grooving and moving right along. Yesterday I had my twenty week ultrasound and he would not sit still for them! We had a student tech and a professional. They both did such a great job explaining what we were looking at, what we were looking for, and trying to get great photos for us. Everything is looking great developmentally, he even smiled for us. He weighs a pound now! I was surprised to see they offered a 3D ultrasound scan, so we did one. It was amazing being able to really see his little face however, he was pressed against my uterus most of the time so it was hard to get good images!

Overall my pregnancy has been amazing. I'm really glad to be feeling better and able to move around with ease. I also love being able to finally eat now. I usually eat smaller but more meals throughout the day. We're really excited to move into our new house and get started on the nursery. I already have so many ideas! Until next time.



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