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August Content Calendar: a Month of Engaging and Captivating Content 2023

Introducing the August Content Calendar: a month of engaging and captivating content that will attract a larger audience. From personal tips relating to your brand or niche to eye-catching visuals, we've curated a diverse range of topics to keep your content fresh and exciting. Get ready to leave a lasting impression!

August Content Calendar: a Month of Engaging and Captivating Content 2023

1st: REEL - Monthly reset! Use a compilation of videos to show your monthly reset, add fun audio, and put a captivating prompt on the screen!

2nd: CAROUSEL - August is National Wellness Month, how can you relate it to the content, product, or service you provide? 3rd: POST - Reintroduce yourself to your new followers! Post a picture of yourself along with a caption describing what you do! 4th: POST - Post a testimonial or review of your product/business. 5th: REEL - Film a video showing a day in the life or a behind-the-scenes of making your product or providing your service.

6th: CAROUSEL - Give out personal tips relating to your niche or brand. 7th: REEL - Why is your business or brand needed? Use a video of you working, add fun audio, and put the caption on the screen! Put the answer in the caption.

8th: POST - Introduce your brand color kit. Put together an edit with your brand colors including their color hex codes. Add why you chose those colors in your caption! 9th: REEL - It's National Book Lovers Day! Create a reel showcasing your favorite book. Put why you love that book in your caption! 10th: POST - Personal picture. This could be a family outing, a business event, your pet, or anything! 11th: CAROUSEL - Give a list of reasons why someone would need your service or product. 12th: REEL - Break down and show how you edited and created one of your stories.

13th: CAROUSEL - Share the tools and apps you use for your social media platforms. 14th: POST - Share your favorite motivational quote!

15th: POST - How did you get to where you are today? In the caption write what inspired you to create content, start your business, or both. 16th: CAROUSEL- It's National Tell a Joke Day! Share a joke on the first slide and the punch line on the second! (Try relating it to your niche). 17th: REEL - Shoot a behind-the-scenes creation process! From the ideas to executing them what's your process?

18th: CAROUSEL - Share some fun facts about your brand or business! 19th: CAROUSEL - It's World Photography Day! Showcase one of your favorite headshots, products, or pictures! 20th: POST - Time-saving and productivity tips, make sure to put the tips in the caption! 21st: REEL - Spend the morning with me! Record a compilation of videos from your morning, add fun audio, and put a caption on the screen when you change what you're doing!

22nd: REEL - Trending Tuesday, post whatever is trending. If it is an audio or reel prompt. Choose what type of post you'd like to create. In simple terms, hop on a trend!

23rd: POST - Your desk set up or office space! 24th: REEL - Create a day in my life. Use a bunch of videos put together, add a fun audio, do a voice-over, and put 'Day in My Life as a _____' on the screen! 25th: CAROUSEL - Photo dump! Show off all the photos lately involving your brand or business! 26th: POST - Create a flowchart specific to your niche or business! 27th: REEL - Feature different industry statistics or trends along with eye-catching visuals. Discuss the latest trends or innovations within your industry. 28th: POST - Professional headshot. Add a caption explaining a part of your industry that can be hard.

29th: CAROUSEL - An eye-catching prompt with the solution. Ex. 5 Ways to Make More Money! 30th: REEL - Share a video with a quick educational tip or a mini-lesson related to your industry. 31st: CAROUSEL - Create a post featuring individual photos and bios of each team member.

Remember, regularly posting stories allows you to boost engagement and have a deeper connection with your audience. Consistency is vital, even just two weekly posts make a significant difference in your engagement. Believe in your potential, embrace possibilities, and strive for greatness!



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